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Friday, 11 January 2008

Her Space My Space...Cold!!!

Okay so this picture may have been taken at the sea side, but when we spent a a weekend in Abergele in June we probably picked the worst weekend, weather wise, to go away. This was in Ryhl on a Sunday and there were Gale force winds this day and we just spent the whole day freezing and spending loads of money in the amusement arcades just to warm up...We couldn`t leave without letting the kids have a quick go on some of the rides at the funfair though...


maz said...

The good old british summer holiday eh? Warm woollies required!
Enjoying your 365 prompts!

Sue Nicholson said...

Bless them . . . they look soooo cold. Love Rhyl . . . some of it is now very tired but the council has done wonders with the beach. My kids love the shove-a-2pence and "the like" arcades :-)