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Friday, 11 January 2008

365 Prompt 11

Families are like fudge…mostly sweet, with a few nuts.

A little bit of journalling from me today, and I am so going to use this on a scrapbook layout
Okay I am a little nuts...well totally mad sometimes, I certainly feel like I am going crazy but then living with four kids I suppose I am bound to be bordering on insanity...don`t get me wrong I love my kids to bits, they keep me young and the conversations we have are sometimes a little odd. We like to have fun together, I love playing with them on the Nintendo Wii, beating them at Top Trumps, singing along with them to High School Musical and watching trashy American kids shows with them, I am even a fan of the Simpsons...But I am supposed to be an adult, I am a teacher, I have to pay bills and I really have to get round to sorting out my self assessment by 31st Jan or apparantly I am going to be fined £100 plus interest...so the adverts keep telling me. But I want to wear my hair in pigtails with pink ribbons, I want to sing along to my Ipod on the bus and not get funny looks, I want to carry a bright pink handbag and blow bubbles from bubble gum, I want to splash in puddles when it is raining, but I have to do the ironing, cook the tea, remember to buy milk from the shop and go to work five days a week...but I want to remember how good it feels to act a bit nuts, perhaps if a few more of us were a little bit nuts the world would be more fun.


Samm said...

This is great!!! sod it, why should we have to grow up!!! lalalalalalala....


Kath said...

When I grow up I am going to make lovely scrap books like yours Est.

Kath x