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Thursday, 10 January 2008

365 Prompt 10

The eyes are the window of the soul
English Proverb

You cannot hide your true feelings through your eyes, they speak a thousand words. Take note!

So another Banana photo shoot piccie...Mia has bright eyes when she is excited or happy, they really sparkle almost to the point of watering. I love seeing her this happy, when she is happy she makes me happy...I challenge you to look at this photo and not smile.

You would not believe how many ideas I have for scrapbooking pages now that I know I am not only going to love creating but also love looking back on, I love scrapbooking those little moments as well as big events and have a weekend of scrapping planned now. Big Thanks to Anna for all the inspiration xxx

1 comment:

domestic goddess said...

awww thanks hun!!! love your take on the prompts, always make me smile!