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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Got my Beady eye on her....

Lovely day off today...although had an argument with Harry this morning...over what day it was...bloody kids must have cabin fever being off school, he swore it was Tuesday and really was adamant that it was...Bless him!!!

Nipped to a local craft shop today to buy some chain for a class tomorrow night and Ella has since told everyone we have seen that Mum spent £31 in there...note to self don`t take her when I go craft shopping, even when we were in there she told the lady that I had spent £60 in Hobbycraft a couple of weeks ago...Jesus nothing is sacred with her around!!!

Did stock up on some gorgeous beads though that I couldn`t wait to use and spent the afternoon creating arm candy....

And a little bit of ear candy too...

Ella also chose herself some beads, its like a little sweet shop really, and not just for kids, all the beads can be purchased individually and you walk around with a little glass jar, then she decided she wanted a lesson in jewellery making when we got home and managed very quickly to pick up the basics and after only being shown once how to do it she managed to create herself a little bracelet with the beads she bought today and then another to match...stealing beads from my stash...I am going to have to keep an eye on her now I think!!!
And I finally caved in and bought myself one of the gorgeous whiff of joy stamps...I know I have hundreds of stamps, but the samples of cards on display were so inspiring, she begged to come home with me...honest!!!
Off now to tidy up the mess that Ella and I made this afternoon, although honestly I think she tidied up hers!!!

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