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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Excited Expression!!!

Not the one on my face...well I am excited because look what I got today....The Cricut Expression

Oh its beautiful, I have been playing with it for about an hour and love it, so much that I am thinking my poor little cricut is going to be made redundant...aw and we have had such fun together too!!! So my new expression is currently set up on the floor in my living room and the girls keep looking at it with a longing in their eyes...oh no...back away from the expression girlies...this one is just for Mum!!!
I will be demonstrating the Childs Year cartridge in Kendal at the weekend here using the expression, they have a craft extravaganza planned on Saturday and can`t wait to take part.

Been over to my friends house today, she lives the other side of Warrington way out in the sticks...well there is no shopping centre nearby anyway, had a lovely afternoon in the garden topping up my tan and playing with my camera....

God that child is such a poser...

Blowing me kisses...aw...

And dancing Pulp Fiction style...think she was singing too!!!

Bee Gee style!!!

Love this picture so much...

So in good old British Summer style we had a Barbecue...set the table, got the Barbie lit, opened the wine, cooked the burgers and then the heavens literally opened...mad dash indoors with soggy buns and potato salad, but still had an absolutely fabulous day, perfect day off.

Have to work on samples all day tomorrow, and probably all night too...can see large quantities of double strength Alta Rica being consumed!!!

Off now to stroke my new machine!!!

1 comment:

Geoff Riley said...

Can I stroke your new machine? :-D

If you've got a redundant Cricut, I'm sure I can find a good home for it. [hehe]