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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Daddy`s little Girl...

...Nope not Mia but me...just for a change...

Today I wanted my Dad and he not only came to my rescue, but was armed with Chocolate and a bottle of Wine and a big fat hug...god he knows me so well and not only that but he sat on my hard wooden floor for nearly an hour trying to sort out my electrics next to my desk that had gone "puffft" leaving me in darkness and cricutless and unable to work because I can`t see properly...he was, after several fuse changes and re wiring, completely baffled...we can`t work out why I have electricity if he holds the plugs up in the air but not if we lay them gently on the floor...he has temporarily sorted me now though and has promised a two hundred foot extension lead....dear god why do I only have three sockets in my living room....!!!!

He did make me laugh though after sitting on the floor for almost an hour and then trying to get up afterwards...sorry Dad but that was funny!!!

Completed this layout of Ella today...god I love this pic of her so much...

And have completed my first ever circle layout of my little dude...well I say little but he is about a foot taller than me!!!

Today would have been my Nan`s 97th birthday...we lost her four years ago and I still miss her so very much, she was such a big part of my childhood, I think its down to her that I am so crafty now. I remember her patiently showing me how to knit when I was about five and how to tie a bow in the smallest piece of ribbon, a skill I still use today... look how beautiful she was....

Off now to open my Dads Pinot...would be rude not too ;-)

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