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Monday, 31 August 2009


Is what I can hear at the moment...honestly, 8.30pm at night and I can hear a bird chirping...his name is Chas and he is our new house guest...temporarily...Harry`s friend has had to go into hospital so we are bird sitting...growing quite fond of him though...look he is even quite cute...

He arrived yesterday whilst I was shopping in Manchester and although he was quiet then he has settled in today and even has the cheek to chirp if he is getting no attention, Mia is in love with him I think and keeps going up to that cage asking if he is "alright mate"...kids!!!

Had a great weekend, very busy and I am just chilling for a couple of hours, hit the very wet streets of Manchester yesterday for a little bit of retail therapy, just what a girl needs although losing my purse is not what I needed...luckily I bought a really pretty new one from Accessorize so all is not lost, apart from the cash and debit card that was in there...card cancelled and no transactions on it after my last one thank god. Bloody typical that it happen on a Bank Holiday though and I have had to beg steal and borrow money...well not steal but you get my drift...to get me through until my new card arrives, which could be up to five days!!! Bloody hell how much do I rely on that little bit of plastic!!!

Had a lovely day planning lessons!!!
Honestly the practical side, all my paperwork is still sat where I left it last week!!!
Got two classes tomorrow: Jewellery and Papercraft, and this is what we will be creating in the Papercraft class.....

Opening up into a 3D Orchid, how pretty is that....

Even managed to prepare for my Scrapbooking class on Thursday...found these gorgeous photographs of Ella last week and have been itching to get them scrapped so used them for my class sample...peek a boo page...

The mat the photo is on opens up to reveal....

I really like this page, think its the colours, not usually a colour choice of mine purple but it works so well with the accents of green.

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