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Thursday, 27 August 2009

My Lil Boy...

...Is not so lil anymore!!!

I can`t believe Jack has left school and is heading off to college, it only seems a couple of years ago he was born, and he was lying sleeping on my chest, in a blue Winnie the pooh babygrow, in Warrington hospital with me stroking his back and promising him the world...God I was so naive at just 17 myself...which is how old he will be next birthday...but I didn`t do so bad, as he is such a lovely lil guy.

He has been away with his Dad, on holiday, so I haven't seen him for two whole weeks yet he turned up at work today, as I was teaching just round the corner from his school where he had picked up his GCSE results.

God I am so proud of him, he passed everything and has all the results he needs to get onto the A Level courses he wants to do...he even managed to achieve a couple of distinctions...proud Mum moment!!!

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