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Monday, 24 August 2009

Flowers beside the seaside!!!

Okay I know I haven`t done this blogging thing for quite sometime but I am back now...muwahahaha...and with a vengeance too!!!

My Dad and I hit the shores of Southport yesterday...yep they let us both in and they waved us off again...wiping their little brows breathing a huge sigh of relief as my Dads little Fiesta hit the A-something or other back in the direction of Warrington...map reading has never been a strong point of mine but I did manage to get us there, in one piece and even managed to work round a road closure too!!!

However although its nearly the end of August, and supposed to be summer I think they forgot that in Southport, it was a little blustery to say the least and we got wet more than once and that wasn`t just because we actually spotted the sea in Southport....see it does exist...

The reason for our visit...The Southport Flower show...and I have found the garden that I want...Dad starts work on it next weekend ;-)

Although I like this one too...what do you reckon Dad, which one would be easiest to create!!!

The flowers were amazing, completely beautiful and breathtaking, here is a selection of my favourites...

Loved this display too...the work that was on show was incredible, not just the quality of the flowers but the displays were so creative.

So great day even if I did have to pay £3 for a bacon roll and £2 for a cup of coffee...and had to drink it out of a polystyrene cup too ;-).

Back to work this week and loving it, great classes today, great classes lined up for tomorrow and just need to be getting on with working again. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has been there over the last couple of weeks for me, your support, love and friendship has been greatly appreciated.

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