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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ikea, Volvo and Abba....................

........................all things that have put Sweden on the map, apart from it actually being on the map of course!!!

but my favourite thing from Sweden, well apart from Ikea, has to be Magnolia Stamps

These gorgeous little stamps featuring Edwin and Tilda are just the cutest and I lurve them, have been very busy water colouring and making cards tonight and this is what I have come up with.

I am doing a craft fair in a couple of weeks so trying to build up some stock to sell, these little cards will be lovingly wrapped in a cello bag ready to be re-homed...their new owner carefully picked by myself!!!
Not blogged for a while as honestly had nothing to blog, nothing interesting to share, no funny stories...unfortunately at the moment Est is all work and no play...I would so love to have a day off work, one of those days where the kids are at school and I can self indulgently sit on my backside all day on the PC or reading or playing with my new stash that came last week that I still haven`t even opened yet!!!!
I have new stamps and papers that have not been drooled over or stroked, is that even legal, they have been sat in my house for nearly a week still carefully packaged in the jiffy bag they arrived in!!!
Off now to rip open that jiffy bag and gently whisper apologies to my gorgeous new papers and stamps!!!
I know I really need to get out more!!!

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