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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Mourinho in Manchester...mmmmmmmmmm!!!

He may be arrogant and completely passionate about football...but oh my god he is scrumptious, and I think he is the sole reason that I became so interested in Football a couple of years ago...funny since he left Chelsea I have not really bothered much with the beautiful game!!!

But he is here...not twenty miles away staying in Manchester...so near yet so far...so for now I will have to make do with this little bit of eye candy...although I believe I may watch the football tomorrow night!!!

Ladies stop drooling!!!
Okay my heart rate has returned to normal I am taking deep breaths and I am calm ;-)

Got myself a solid four hours sleep last night, I have decided this insomnia thing has gone on long enough and I am just going to stop stressing about it, if I sleep I sleep, if not I am going to stick my ipod on and listen to my new White Noise App that came very highly recommended by a friend...Imagine laying in bed with your eyes closed listening to the sound of waves crashing on the beach or of a real wood fire crackling as you lay next too it...Mourinho is optional of course!!! So I lay in bed reading...yep not picked up a book for months either so it was good to loose myself in someone else's world...listening to the ocean through my headphones...sheer bliss and the best 59p I ever spent...well apart from the chunky Peanut Kit Kat I bought and ate earlier...apparently all this chocolate must be good for me because I finally did my body test on Wii fit tonight and I have lost 4lbs...I have eaten six bars of chocolate in three days and still managed to loose weight...god I am a bitch aren`t I ;-)

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