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Thursday, 19 March 2009


...minutes, past the nineteenth hour on the nineteenth day of March 2001 my lil baby girly stole my heart with her beautiful blue eyes, tiny little toes, perfect little fingers and bloody screams...she was born screaming and I don`t think she has shut up since!!!

Mia`s eighth birthday today, eight bloody hell, although she still only wears age four to five clothes!!!

Poor little thing had to spend the whole day at school while her Sing Star High School Musical sat unopened on the table...Oh dear god I am regretting buying that now, I hate HSM with a passion, and to have her and Ella murdering the songs while I was hiding in the kitchen was almost too much for my poor little ears until I stuck my ipod on...does that make me a bad mother I questioned...no because she didn't notice muwahahah!!! They did however discover...while I wasn't looking, that the mic for Rockband can be used too so they can duet...!!!

Had one of those totally "wipe out" days...everyone seemed to be having a crisis and wanted to talk to me and everything seemed to go wrong, I literally spent half the afternoon after my classes on the phone chasing up paperwork and trying to sort out several problems that students had...the unpaid hours!!!

Thank God it is the weekend tomorrow, and I am off out on Saturday night to watch friends in a band perform their second gig...watched their first a couple of weeks ago and they were awesome so can`t wait to see them again.

Off to assemble my groupie outfit for the weekend!!!

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