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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Family Pics, Hair Straightners and Boy do I feel old!!!

Took a few family piccies on Sunday as all of the kids were together in one place for more than five minutes!!!
Me and my little guy...
Me and my big guy...My heels were three inches high and he is still taller than me, so not fair!!!

and a pretty rare shot of all my little people altogether, looking sleek and stylish too!!!

Onto the hair straighteners...I have a fantastic pair ...not only are they used every day to sleek my curls, I often use them on Ella and Mia`s hair too...has even been known for Jack to want his hair straightening too...like this morning!!! However I have another use for them...read somewhere that they were fabulous for straightening ribbon too and bloody hell it actually works...even on ric rac, tangled crinkly ric rac...straight as a die!!! Happy little me, can now straighten all my crumpled and tangled ribbons...easily pleased aren`t I !!!
Ella has a boyfriend!!!
I am not going to spill all the juicy details but I think its LOVE...they are planning on dancing at the school disco together tomorrow night, and he called for her earlier tonight to see if she "was coming out to play" Oh dear god, I can just about cope with seeing Jack holding hands with whichever girl is his latest squeeze but Ella...kept checking earlier that she had not been snogging and she just kept saying "Eurghh Mum"
Have to finally admit defeat and realise my kids are growing up...not babies anymore...my baby will be eight on Thursday so feeling a little old and sorry for myself...but then there is always the fact that they may start moving out soon and I will finally get myself a craft room ;-)

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