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Friday, 6 March 2009


Sat here writing this whilst Ella is plaiting and un-plaiting my hair...apparently Mia says she will turn to stone if she looks at me because I remind her of Medusa...bloody ancient Greece school projects...at the moment I have 16 plaits in my hair!!! Kids!!!...hopefully the GHD`s will repair the damage in the morning!!!

I am ready for the weekend, no partying, no hangovers...hopefully...but plenty of washing and ironing no doubt...oh the joys of parenthood!!!

I got the dreaded letter this week...the one where Ella has been accepted into the high school of my choice, which is good news as it is literally at the end of our road but bad news because she is my little girl and I don`t want her to grow up as fast as she is...where on earth has the time gone, eleven years old already...jesus...does not seem five minutes since I held her in my arms. Now all I get is hormonal backchat and tantrums and Mum I need to borrow your straighteners and can I wear make up!!!

And...believe it or not I have been told things get worse as they get older!!!

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