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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Crafty Chocoholic Insomniac!!!

Thats what I am, yep thats me!!!

Crafty...in more ways than one probably, but I have spent the day planning all my lessons for the week!!!
Chocoholic...I am sat here eating my third bar of the day, well I am blaming the Co-Op for having three bars for £1.25 ;-) and proper chocolate too, Mars Duo, Twix Extra and Snickers Duo... god I am going to be so fat!!!
Definitely insomniac...again... because I have not had a proper nights sleep for a week. Have been out and ordered a new bed...one of those fab ones that mould to the shape of your body...can just see the impression of my backside in the foam now!!!
Now I have realised these things all go together, the crafting because I am trying to take my mind off the fact that I am exhausted and could quite happily fall asleep whilst doing the dishes or hoovering and the chocolate because a constant lack of sleep really does affects your mood, and not in a positive way either...it affects your ability to make decisions and your thought processes and when you lie in bed desperately trying to relax and fall asleep realising you are completely and utterly wide awake, its just so frustrating when it happens every night...hence my need, yes my unabated, desperate need for the chocolate!!!
These are the lessons I have been working on today, have my embroidery class tomorrow and we are doing chain stitch and making these little drawstring bags...Mum I can so tell you are impressed!!!

And my workshops this week at Edwin Allen are this 3D piano which featured in a recent issue of Making Cards.

This scrapbook layout using some gorgeous new stamps that I have water coloured...just for a change.

Also made this book of the kids a few weeks ago, I had the bind it all out, Jesus...I remember "needing" that when they first came out had loads of good intentions of making my own books, and I have actually used it less than a dozen times, now they sell a pink version which is just so pretty, don`t "need" it though!!!
Off now to dish up the Beef casserole that I prepared at stupid o clock this morning and rearrange my Studio...that's when I have cleared everything off the floor so I can actually get in!!!

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