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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Kids...Do not disturb!!!

...Why is it, as a mum, the minute you sink your aching bones into a bubble bath, chilled glass of wine in hand and ipod playing blissful tunes...you get bang bang bang on the door...bloody kids guaranteed if I try to relax in the tub before they are in bed they want to use the toilet or "chat"...

They do not tell you this stuff at parenting classes I can tell you...oh no...how to make up a bottle...which I think I have forgotten now and how to hold a baby...hmmm not sure what happened to me but I lost that gooey feeling you are supposed to get when you see a baby, I can appreciate that they may be cute and tiny and they have toes that used to delight me...All I think now is they grow up and make a mess and laze around like slobs, trying to get Harry to actually help around the house is as painful as a tooth extraction!!! Was screeching at him earlier poor little thing only asked me when I was making tea and I went into one about how I had been at work all day come home and blah blah blah is all he heard because he actually turned up the television while I was ranting!!! Bloody kids

So... sorry whitter over...made this little canvas that I am going to hang on the bathroom door every time I want "me" time...and god help anyone who knocks on that door!!!

Also completed this layout for the scrapbooking class I am teaching tomorrow...

Have just joined Twitter too...see top left, add me if you feel you want to...I am loving this modern technology stuff...good init!!!
Off now for a relax in the tub...luckily all kids are present and correct under their quilts!!!

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