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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Thank you Mr Branson...

...Well I finally started my online course today, run by Jeanne Oliver, now I have Internet again...had to call Virgin this week because my Internet kept disconnecting, not helpful when I'm trying to send emails and poor Harry couldn't access his xbox live account...so we were without the world wide web for four days and you would have thought the world had ended...poor kids!!!

Anyway Old Richard sent a very lovely engineer yesterday who took one look at my set top box, which I think was made in the 70's, and told me he was going to replace that and the modem...woo hoo...we now have a brand spanking new box that pauses and records...ask me if I know how to use it yet!!!

So I have watched two of the videos so far, the course is called "Creatively Made" and is a journey of art and discovering the gifts you possess, bit spiritual but very inspiring, so the videos I viewed today were altering a hardback book to make a journal and altering a readymade journal...

I've done the first...Altered hard back book...book covers were removed and used as a front and a back and I've filled the inside with watercolour paper so I can create more art...I loved doing this, I love to create from scratch, although I'm very messy and my fingers are stained with distress inks again!!!

And the second is in progress on my desk...might finish that later, but then again after I've eaten Sunday Dinner which is very slowly roasting as we speak I might just veg out on the couch and watch crap TV.

In my mixed media class this week we were using wax, melting it in the melting pot and using it to "age" stamped images and apply direct to canvas to distress...this was my sample..with a scrunched up tissue paper background...

I'm loving vintage and browns at the moment can you tell?

Off now to perfect my roast dinner.

Take care
Est xx
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