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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mixed media

I'm getting to be a lazy blogger again, not because I can't be bothered but because I'm working most evenings during the week so don't have the chance to fill you in with my waffle...thankfully I hear you all sigh!!!

I've been having a play the last couple of days, using what I have learnt in Jeanne Oliver's online class, which I am loving, I'm still only halfway through watching all the videos but each time I do watch one I'm inspired to have a go at something different, which can only be a good thing however my hands and nails are constantly covered in mod podge and paint, I'm currently sporting a rather pretty brushed corduroy distress ink and gold acrylic paint finish...I think I could be starting a new trend!!!

So I've just finished this...

Was nice to try something different, although still working in the same colour scheme...I was chatting with one of my students on Wednesday evening and she finds she does the same too so I'm not the only one...although I did try a red colour scheme for this little box and canvas....

I love mixed media at the moment!!!

Off to watch a few more videos online and maybe to wash my paint covered hands!!!

Take care
Est xx
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