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Saturday, 7 January 2012

22 miles...

Is all it is from my house to Chorley, where I am holding a jewellery making workshop tomorrow, yep 22 miles, to drive it takes 41 minutes, to walk it's about 6 hours 35 minutes...you have got to love Google maps...and to go on the train...a shocking 2 hours...that would be two rail replacement buses and two trains!!! Good job I've downloaded a library full of new books onto my kindle as I reckon I can read at least two of them on the way there!!!

I keep repeating I love my job, I love my job...and I do it's just I hate how public transport thinks Sunday is still a day of rest...huh I wish and how any rail work that has to be done is always done on a Sunday...honestly Sunday's on trains are as busy as any other day...believe me I've been crammed in a virgin pendelino with enough students and hikers to know!!!

Okay rant over...maybe one day I will learn to drive...and not just my kids up the wall :-)

I forgot to post this picture last night, it's of the inside cover of my calendar journal...I'm going to do a page like this for every month, either a wish or a dream or a goal for the month kind of format...

I had those Tim Holtz stamps out again, a little more distress ink, in fact I have used so much lately that my fingertips are now an attractive shade of Brushed Corduroy!!!

Off to dream of smelly rail replacement buses and jammed trains!!!

Take care
Est xx
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1 comment:

pearshapedcrafting said...

Such optimism!! Love your page and the thought of your poor distressed fingers! Hope your journey goes ok! Chrisx