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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Red Bull...

Really does give you wings...I had to resort to drinking a can before work tonight and I'm a bit hyperactive now, I kept falling asleep on the couch before my evening class and didn't think my students would appreciate the look, just hoping the effects wear off soon so I can sleep, I'm bone weary tired and not even sure why I've not had the hardest week must just be the dismal weather or my bus lag from the weekend!!!

Taught my mixed media class tonight, which I love, and we were working with wood, gesso, acrylic paints, distress inks, stamps, polymer and air dry clay....all to create something like this....

The little flowers are all made from fimo using moulds and the heart was cut using a dinky little cookie cutter, I've had my Tim Holtz stamps out again and even let my students loose with them too, although I did ban them using stayzon on them!!!

I'm off now to read...I'm loving the Kindle App on my iPad, I've already read two books since Sunday, Breaking the Silence by Diane Chamberlain, which I managed to read on the Chorley trip, and The long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz...both beautifully and emotionally written but two very different types of story, I'm currently reading Death Bed by Leigh Russell, got to love a bit of blood and gore before bedtime!!!

Take care
Est xx
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