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Friday, 6 January 2012


Its a sad day when you take your youngest to the hairdressers and she comes out looking older than she did when she went in...little Mia no longer looks so little, she's had a fringe cut into her hair and the razor cut to thin out her inherited thick hair...she was a little concerned when sweet Lizzie (my hairdresser) asked if she wanted a razor cut...bless her I think she was expecting a shave...I was very nearly in tears...but not quite when she gave the thumbs up in the mirror to let me know she loved her new grown up look!!! Locks swept away with the brush and Mia running her fingers through her fringe every three seconds makes me realise my little girl is growing up right before my eyes, won't be long before she is stealing my make up and shoes!!!

Completed the cover of my calendar journal last night...

Still loving the Holtz inspiration, can you tell!!!

Off to catch up on the cockney soap

Take care
Est xx
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