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Monday, 2 January 2012

Day two!!!

Yep day two of 2012, is that twenty twelve or two thousand and twelve?

I've spent the day lesson planning and prepping today, a job that I hate the thought of but actually quite enjoy once I get stuck into it, I have 10 new courses starting next week and two that are ongoing so that's 12 classes a week alongside workshops and demonstrations it's a good job I love my job, I'm actually looking forward to going back now too, it's lovely to be off with the kids but I think these holidays are beginning to drag a little bit, I'm only hoping we don't have a repeat of a couple of years ago where we ended up having several extra days off due to a little dusting of snow!!!

So my classes are all sorted for the beginning of term, I have samples made and handouts written and teaching bags packed up...I'm always organised at the beginning of term...!!!

Tomorrow is the last day the kids have off and will probably take them out for the day somewhere, saying that only the girls will come out with me now, I'm not sure if I'm cool enough for Harry anymore :-( I have realised during these holidays that they are growing up far too fast and it's not going to be long before they will all be off doing their own thing, only had Mia at home on New Years Eve as it was!!!

Will leave you with a canvas I created last week...not sure what day, what did I tell you about losing track of those days...

This 12 x12 canvas was created using printed tissue paper (background), acrylic paints, stamping, doodling, a bit of serendipity and a whole lot of rub ons and is heading for a home on the wall in my dining room.

Off now to see who wants to "play out" with Mum tomorrow!!!

Take care
Est xx
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