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Sunday, 8 January 2012

270 minutes...

...is how long I spent getting to Chorley and back today...that's three games of football...!!!

I'm so tired I either have jet lag or rail replacement bus lag...not sure which yet as I'm sure it would take me less time to travel to sunny Spain, I have just penned my email of complaint to Transpennine express, I'm not one to complain usually unless it is completely necessary but when I'm sat on a train on a platform for twenty-five minutes slowly watching the time tick by and realising I'm going to miss my connecting rail replacement bus and knowing there isn't another one for an hour...that really infuriates me...especially when the wait was completely unnecessary!!!

Anyway had a really good class despite being an hour late, my ladies were very understanding and we had a good giggle, I've not seen my Chorley crew since November so was great to catch up with them all. I will be there again in February (11th) so if anyone is interested in coming along to the class, we will be creating Shamballa style bracelets and watches, drop me an email or give Louise at the Crafty Patch a ring on 01257 277324 to book a place.

Off to sleep off my bus lag!!!

Take care
Est xx
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