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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Wow I have just realised....

Life is what you make it...if you are feeling bad then your life will feel bad...I woke up this morning with a whole new outlook on life...I am in charge of mine and it feels Goooood!!!

I made some important decisions today...I am not saying each decision was a good decision, in fact the one to change my hair colour was pretty poor as I am convinced I have to now go out tomorrow and buy another hair colour...because orange is orange in whatever light you look at it...but I decided to change my hair colour and I will, if it takes me longer than the 20 minute development time then so be it!!!

I also decided to buy a memory card reader, lost my usb cable for my camera...YES it has totally dissappeared, so if I have the memory card reader I can read memory cards, well not me personally but you know what I mean...and uploaded these tonight....

Being able to upload pictures makes me happy... and the other decisions....watch this space...honestly...

Happy Saturday everyone.


Carol Ann said...

And those images are gorgeous as is your beautiful family! Can't wait to find out what else you have in store.

Carol Ann xx

Ginny said...

Good for you! I'm trying to convince my hubby of this right now actually.

I love my reader, btw. I never even put the software in for my usb cable & camera. I totally prefer the reader, so much easier & doesn't kill my batteries.

hello gorgeous said...

Oh Est! These are beautiful pictures! I was only saying to my other half this morning that I am really gutted we haven't taken ANY pictures whilst the snow has been here :-O

Think 2010 is gonna be good for decision making....may yours continue to inspire you.... ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

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