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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Wow 2010 already...Do you remember all the hype from 1999 and how the millennium could be the end of the world as we knew it!!!

Ten years ago...My friends and I worked out the other day that we have been alive now for Five decades...I know we really do need to get out more!!!

Well that's it Christmas and New Year over for another year, my Decorations came down yesterday and put safely back up in the loft for another twelve months and I am back to work on Monday...thank goodness, I have had two weeks off and I have really missed it, I always knew I loved my job but never realised how much, I have been so bored, I have missed my students and teaching, don`t get me wrong I have had some lovely time with my kids especially with Mia...lots of sleepovers in my bed in our PJs, makeovers and Disney DVDs, slobbing around in bed until lunchtime and drinking endless cups of coffee or glasses of wine...BUT...I need to work for my own sanity and I am so looking forward to Monday morning!!!

Had a bit of a play this week and made these...

Okay I am off to watch yet another DVD with Mia with the tin of Miniature Hero's and a glass of wine!!!