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Friday, 8 January 2010

I had forgotton....

Two things...

1...How much I love to Scrapbook and
2...How much I love Vodka and Blackcurrant

Luckily I have done more scrapbooking tonight than vodka and blackcurrant or this could be a very worrying blog post!!!

I think I mentioned the 50 free prints you get from Jessops when you register...well Jack very kindly went to collect mine yesterday...he has a free bus pass and is young so can brave the snow!!!

50 free prints...all of me and the kids in the snow from before Christmas...which is ironic now because snow is quite obviously the norm now!!!

So much so Snow days are normal and working days are a thing of the past...the kids have been emailed school work because their schools are still closed and today was the first day I received post since before Christmas...and funnily enough one of the letters was a credit card bill I see the banks are unaffected by the snow!!!

Okay three layouts completed tonight and before you look please please accept my apologies for the appalling photos...blackberry...beautiful but only 3 mega pixels...lost my USB lead for my camera...will be purchasing said USB lead tomorrow...promise!!!

Snow Sisters...

Snow Baby...

Cool Dude...

Off to enjoy the Blackcurrant ;-) xxx