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Tuesday, 19 January 2010



Which will explain why I have not blogged for a week!!!

My god, my kids were sent to test me last week!!!

I am not going to go into everything, I wont bore you with all the details but how I didn`t turn grey I don`t know...All is well now though, and I think life is pretty much back to normal...well as normal as it can be in our house anyway!!!

Had a couple of blast from the past moments this week too, had a student turn up at my new Jewellery class last night who used to come to my workshops, thought I had lost touch with her so it was lovely to see her again and I spoke to my old boss today too, who works at the college that Jack attends, it was lovely to catch up with her as she was the one who inspired me to take up teaching and gave me my first teaching job!!!

Have actually done a bit of crafting tonight, the reason I don`t get to blog too much lately is because I am teaching three evenings a week at the moment and Friday is reserved for Wine!!! I actually have mornings off now which is lovely but it`s almost a reversal of lifestyle which is really hard to adapt to, I am working afternoons and evenings and suppose I should be relaxing in the mornings as you would in the evening when you get home from work, but I tend to catch up on housework or emails and paperwork, rather than curl up with a book, so I seem to be super organised at the moment but have had to renew my library books today as I haven`t had time to read them...Rejoined the library when I was forced to stay home from work the week before last because of a few flakes of snow...that is how bored I was, although I love reading, I love books and being able to lose myself in another world so reading for free is fabulous...I am vowing never to accumulate another fine again!!!

So like I said, have actually made some cards tonight...was asked to make a birthday card with a teddy bear on...bought this stamp just before Christmas...

And with the leftovers I made this little tag...

Then I decided I wanted to make another little tag...

Will probably turn those into birthday cards, have a couple coming up soon.

And made this card, its Harry`s Birthday the week after next... so going to add his name and age to that I think and there is a job done!!!

Okay my only evening off until Friday...9pm and I am going to soak in some bubbles!!!