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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Don`t You just hate it...

...when you wake up at 3am and are still awake at 6am only to have the alarm go off at 7am!!!

Bloody Insomnia...couldn`t even get up because it was too cold and I risked freezing my little arse off.

So am sat here tonight feeling exhausted but warm after the strangest day, the kids finally went back to school this morning after almost a month off, and I felt so damn emotional when I took Mia this morning, almost got a taste of empty nest syndrome I think when I came back and the house was empty...so bad I actually did some paperwork then went into the office at work, although that was to fill in my pay claim so that wasn't bad and I got to catch up with a few people I hadn`t seen since before Christmas.

Then had a new class start this afternoon and met just the most inspirational and amazing lady, and I actually told her it was a privilege to meet her and she said the same to me, very emotional and deep conversations were shared this afternoon and I emerged from my class feeling cleansed and very very lucky.


then did a bit of scrapping tonight, creating this:

Its a bit wonky but hey ho!!!

Also made this with the leftovers....just taken part in a stamped image swap and had this little stamp out and I had forgotten how much I love her...

These I created at the weekend for gifts...pictures aren`t too hot but it is really hard to photograph earrings!!!

And this layout of Harry I did last night...

I took so many photographs of the kids in the snow, I had forty printed at Jessops for free, and I am slowly working my way through scrapbooking them because I want the kids to remember how much fun we had while they were off school and when it snowed, I know that a lot of problems have arose and the handling of a lot of issues were questionable but I had such lovely, possibly once in a lifetime moments that I shared with my kids I want to record that.

Off to bed now, got to catch up on some sleep and possibly need my strength for some shopping tomorrow, tis my day off you know ;-)