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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Its Snow Joke....

...Sorry I know the old jokes are cheesy but honestly Warrington has snow...again...about 8 inches of the thick white stuff...The kids were due to go back to school today and we have had a proper "Snow Day"...and we have another one tomorrow too!!!

I have took lots of pictures but have lost the usb lead for my camera so I am not the happiest, but here is one of Mia took on the faithful blackberry...look at the size of that snowman, we didn`t build it but happened across it when we went to the park earlier...How often do adults get the day off work and then get to play out all day!!!

So its official we are snowed in, I have half a loaf of bread and two pints of milk, not one for panic buying as you have probably gathered, so because I have time on my hands I have been blog hopping and fell upon this blog, now I have not had a chance to have a proper nosey, gonna make myself a nice cuppa later and have a proper browse, but the first couple of posts I read have inspired me so much where my inspiration was a lacking!!!

And it also directed me here
which got me thinking....
...and I came up with my "one little word" for 2010 which is...


why?... because in 2009 we had a fair bit of heartache and I tend to worry about things that don`t tend to be too important in the great scheme of things and forget to appreciate my beautiful children, wonderful friends and my health!!!

Okay I am off to check all the gloves, hats, scarves, and coats are dry so I can appreciate another "snow day" with my kids tomorrow!!!