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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Im so excited!!!

Been so busy the last week, It was adult Learners week last week and I was involved in so many events that I actually met myself coming backwards at one point...shook hands and told myself about all the courses the college has to offer!!!

Obviously I didn`t really but it felt like it at times, was an amazing week, especially the awards ceremony on the Sunday which was to recognise learners achievements, some of my students were up for awards so I was a very proud tutor!!!

Work is winding down a bit at the moment, half term next week so a couple of days off planned with the kids and quite possibly a bit of a clear out...I can`t find anything...anywhere, not just craft supplies but shoes and handbags and items of clothing I know I have, I am currently looking for a housekeeper who will accept payment in cupcakes...please apply below ;-).

Off to Preston in the morning to teach another jewellery class at Cardcraft Plus and if you are are around between June 10-13 they are having a four day craft event...details here I will be there on the Friday...demonstrating jewellery making.

And finally my excitement...I have been accepted on a degree programme, really happy about that in professional management and the first module starts in two weeks...I am a student and have been told that I will not only get student discount (Yay) but also that I am allowed to sleep longer, drink more and wash less!!! Not sure I will be putting that part of student life into practice but I am all for the student discount!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Totally understand your excitement - I was a "mature" student. And encompassed everything about student life (well, except for the not washing bit, obviously - posh perfume does NOT mask smelly armpits!) :-D Jude.x