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Friday, 7 May 2010


I have a headache...and it`s my own fault too, sat up watching the Alternative Election Night last night, but fell asleep on the couch after a couple of glasses of wine, only to wake up at 1am hardly able to move...OWCH!!!

And the fact that I have already had to face the aisles of ASDOH this morning in my pained and hungover state didn`t really help either...trying to decide what meals to cook during the week when all I wanted was a neurofen and a bacon buttie was no easy feat believe me...but its done for another week...yeah me!!!

I was planning on spending the day "doing" the back garden, the weeds out there are ridiculous, I have to take a strimmer out with me every time I want to peg a line of washing out, but it looks like its going to rain :-) and I would hate to get halfway through and have to stop.

Instead I might just sit and plan my lessons for next week or just curl up under a blanket dreaming of somewhere nice and warm.

Made this layout yesterday for my Scrapbooking class last night, its a lovely picture of Mia, taken during the Christmas holidays last year and just really sums up her personality...


And finished some more Bling...well this one is more arm candy than bling because the beads look like sweets...

...and I am just loving green at the moment, even considering redecorating in a similar colour in my living room...

Off now for coffee and Neurofen!!!

1 comment:

Spyder said...

Love that strawberry charm, it's very nice.