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Saturday, 12 June 2010


... I was all ready to blog...lots of vintage scrapbook layouts that I have completed of me as a little girlie, cards I have made, jewellery I have designed and lots of crafty bits and bobs...However...My memory card reader won`t work...Boo!!!

I am not quite sure what is wrong with it but think that Ella was the last to use it!!! Hmmm kids!!!

Had a busy couple of weeks...working and studying, have seven new classes a week and have started my degree, also doing a lot more Demo work...was in Preston yesterday at Inspirations by Cardcraft Plus...look!!! I also met Melanie Heaton and Hayley West who were demonstrating alongside me.

I promise to try and sort out my reader and blog all my pictures tomorrow but for now I have to go check on my poor sick babies...Harry and Ella have a nasty bug and I am hoping that they stop throwing up soon...there is only so much OUST a girl can use in one day!!!

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