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Friday, 27 November 2009

Wow what a week!!!

It only seems like yesterday that I blogged last when in fact it was last Sunday...god I am a lazy blogger, apologies to you but this has probably been the maddest week in my house EVER and it`s not even Christmas yet!!!

Mia has been away for an overnight trip with the school to Delamere Forest and in her words it was "Well Good" and "Well Funny"...the build up to that was like nothing I have ever known, I go away a lot with work and just pack my case and go but Mia...bloody hell that girl had a checklist of everything she "needed"!!!

She returned safe and sound but with half of the forest packed in her case along with several items that still remain unidentifiable and I am not sure my washing machine has recovered judging by the moaning noises it keeps making!!!

Ella celebrated her 12th birthday on Wednesday...hmmm 12 going on 15 more like...she is only about 2 inches shorter than me now too which is getting slightly embarrassing,...her main present was the LG Cookie...bloody kid has a better phone than me now too...and I remember her when she was oh so sweet and oh so little..but bless her she had to spend the whole day at school and I was working in the evening, so I spent about two hours with her in total but when I got home at 9pm she came downstairs and said thanks for a great birthday mum...We are heading to Manchester very soon for a girly day out with her birthday money!!!

Tonight I had to endure the Christmas Fayre at Mia`s school...been every year now since Jack started school...yep that makes me feel a little old...but had the funniest night. Took Mia to stand next to Father Christmas...and tell him what she wanted for Christmas...I was doubled up laughing when she replied "A horse"

Santa said..."A real one"
Mia Replied..."of course...Mummy bought me one on a stick last year but I can`t sit on it properly"
Santa said..."and where will you keep it"
Mia said..."In the garden there are plenty of weeds for it to eat"
Santa said..."You are not cheap are you"

Not laughed so hard in a long time...Kids really do say the funniest things!!!

Oh I have worked this week too, just in case you were wondering, had a brilliant day Tuesday....met with my boss, to discuss a few things and the college are paying for me to go on some fabulous courses so that I can deliver advanced courses in the subjects I teach...How cool is that...god I love my job so much, had a great week teaching too, although was a bit put out on Monday when I got to the Fire Station to teach my Christmas Crafts course...all the Firemen headed out to Mia`s School to do a safety talk...!!!

Off to slide into a freshly changed bed...now that's pure indulgence...I am wrecked and so ready for a weekend!!!

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