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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Will it ever stop raining....

...even though I have a lovely new umbrella, that I am certainly getting my moneys worth out of and means I don`t have to parade around the streets of Warrington with a High School Musical one that I borrowed from Mia, and I have two new pairs of boots that don`t let in water the minute I step foot outside I am beginning to think it is never ever going to stop raining, and straightening my hair every morning just seems like a complete and utter waste of time...I need some sunshine, I need to be able to walk outside in my shades without fearing Mia is going to attack me with her umbrella like she did this morning, or Harry is going to jump in the puddles and splash my jeans...!!!

Rant over!!!

Even though it seems it has rained for forty days and probably forty nights I did have a good day, despite seeing every hour on my clock last night and feeling like my whole body had been wrung out this morning!!!

Had two great classes, one finished today and one started, I have the day off tomorrow although starting a new class tomorrow night and I have just sat and planned all my lessons for Thursday and painted my nails...for the first time in a week!!!

I have a new Christmas crafts class starting on Thursday and I am really looking forward to it, I love Christmas, I love the glitter and the sparkle and decorating my house and I am going to be teaching all this...my house does not smell of cinnamon or Christmas pudding during the festive season but usually of hot glue, where I have just created one more centrepiece or arrangement...baubles beware the glue gun is ready and firing on all cylinders...am going to do bows, wrapping and decorations on my first class....

Can see us getting through several glue sticks on that, and would you believe the Christmas package is an empty washing tablets box!!!

Also planned my jewellery class for Thursday evening...had to be good because my boss is enrolling on the course!!!

...and then had a play with some buttons, been meaning to do this for a while and I quite likes it!!!

Off now to pick up the jump rings that flew everywhere earlier on!!!

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