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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Not again!!!!

Can`t believe it is Sunday Night...again!!!

The weeks are whizzing by at an alarming rate and I know why...because Christmas is only 40 days away....Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

40 days and forty nights and I haven`t even began my shopping yet, although the kids are providing me with lots of lists just to keep me on my toes I think...bless them!!!

I have Harry telling me I can either get him a PSP, Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3...!!! Bloody hell when I was his age think I got a Midi Hifi system....to replace my Alba Glass fronted stereo...Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses blasting out of the speakers and my Dad shouting at me to turn that bloody row down...Oh those were the days, now I have the kids telling me to turn my music down!!!

Had another working weekend, spent yesterday Demonstrating for Heaths Arts and Crafts in Barrow-in Furness....wow even though I had to get up at 4am to be on the train for 6am I had a really good day, met some lovely friendly, crafty people and had a fantastic Demo too. The train ride there was incredible, the scenery honestly took my breath away and really made me think for a moment should I move the kids to the country bring them up on fresh air and fields...only a moments thought though, even though I love the country, I love city life more...love that I can hop onto a train and be shopping in Manchester or Liverpool within 20 minutes!!!

But just look at this.....

This was the view from the train...amazing but not a shop in sight!!!

Because I knew I was going to be travelling for hours and hours I treated myself to a film from i tunes...The Last House on the Left...oh my God...I love Horror films, was brought up on them thanks to my Dad loving them too...this was one of the best films I have seen for a long time, not that I get a chance to watch many but if you are a true horror fan you must watch it!!!

Talking of Horror....look I finally finished my Layout of Mia and I from Halloween

Bought these yesterday too... from some lovely ladies selling their unwanted crafty goods...one woman's junk is another woman's treasure...four 8x8 scrapbooks for £8...bargain!!!

And although I am completely wrecked, my whole body aches and I think I have pulled several muscles in my arms and my back carrying my kit bag, I have an infection in my eye and look like I have been fighting it is that swollen, I have managed to prepare at least one lesson for this week...Christmas countdown calendar....

Finally...if you fancy a job I am seriously considering employing a suitable person to just come and tidy up behind me.....

Please apply below!!!!

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jayne said...

lol to the tidying ! Love your L/Os
Beautiful ! We are running a 3 month DT call at the moment and one category is Scrapbooking !
check us out www.fiskarettes.co.uk