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Friday, 6 November 2009

...and Breathe...

...Tonight is the first night I have had this week where I have actually had a chance to sit down and even think about writing a blog post...wow what a week!!!

I have taught 10 separate classes this week, done an evening of Marketing for the College, managed to fit in a days shopping for course materials in Manchester and had to prepare samples for my Demo in Lancaster tomorrow...if you are in the area head over to Cardcraft Uk I am there all day demonstrating the Cricut machines and other Kars products.

I will be glad when Sunday arrives and I have a whole day off to...erm...well I would like to say chill but unless the fairies descend upon my house I dare say I will be washing and ironing etc etc!!!

I am off to chill out with the several thousand magazines that have arrived at my house over the last month or so!!!

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