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Monday, 7 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho....

...Its almost Christmas!!!

Wow the weeks are really flying by huh...can`t believe how rubbish I have been at keeping up with my blog lately...no excuse really!!!

Have however been preparing for Christmas, in fact I think I have prepared more than the good old fat guy in a red suit himself, been running five Christmas craft classes a week over the last five weeks, each one different and have been constantly covered in glitter or inhaling spray paint!!!

Made these wreaths in a class last week...they started out as cheap and nasty ones from the pound shop that we beatified and turned into simple elegance itself...with just a few baubles and a can of spray paint!!!

This was my class today...the one at the Fire Station...where there are real firefighters, got chatting with a couple of them today about the work they do, really interesting... made these little pouches from a sheet of 12x12 and filled with little gifts...

This is my class for tomorrow...a mitten hanging decoration...cute or what, wanted to do some mitten bunting but would have run out of time in the class...going to try that out at the weekend though...

Made a couple of bracelets last week too, well made lots but ran out of wire to make jump rings...got to shoot to Hobbycraft in the morning.

Very excited this week...off to watch The Courteeners on Wednesday...they are playing in Warrington how cool is that and I can`t wait.
Off to bed now though, need to get comfy with my quilt around me!!!