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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Pink Productivity

Being surrounded by all my little pink details in my new coconut ice craft space is obviously having a pleasing productive effect on me as I have come up with this:

Which started life out as this

It is a little tin that was the gift packaging on a little watch phone charm that my Mum bought Tez...kept it to do something with, anyway was sorting through some stuff the other night and found Mia`s lock of hair from her first haircut, she loves it. The lock of hair has been in that money bag for three years, see I do get round to doing stuff eventually.
Special thanks to a special friend for the idea.

Ooh and get me I have been volunteering this afternoon in the Girl`s school library so I am officially a school Librarian...got to scan books and everything!!!

1 comment:

seedlings mum said...

that is such a sweet tin... and from a real librarian to boot!