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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Expedit and Ouch...

...Had myself a little trip to IKEA last night, have been wanting to update all the furniture in my crafty space for about a year now and had a bit of a windfall at the weekend thanks to Father in Law...so got myself:

Two of these tables which measure 1 metre each and are a bargainliscious price of £14.99
One of these which measures just over 30 x 30 so is ideal for scrapbook paper

Some of these Magazine boxes

and one of these which is the heaviest bookcase in the entire universe!

So I bravely assembled the desks, drawers and boxes last night and left the bookcase until this morning...OMG...Now I am no stranger to flatpack and have been putting it together for years...never really struggled and NEVER injured myself...Firstly I hit my poor littl index finger whilst I was quite enthusiastically hammering ...ouchie...I hit with such force that I split my finger open and bled on my new shelves...I do believe I may loose my nail too, I finally stemmed the flow of blood, had a little sit down...coz I felt a little sick and finished assembling my bookshelf. Yeah me I thought when I finished, only I could not lift the blooming thing up, so had to go to work with it on the floor in the dining room looking like a giant 3D model of a games board.

Tez and I managed to lift it between us this evening and I have started to reorganised everything in my space but my finger still hurts and I can`t use it to type :-(

So this is what my craft space looked like before...


and I will have to post the after piccies tomorrow as I have not finished yet!


Sassy Crafts said...

Love the new furniture and storage you have bought, they look great and looking forward to seeing the 'after' piccies. Have to say though that your craft area looked great before too (think i just envy anyone with a 'craft space'.......lol

seedlings mum said...

It looks good to me.....organised chaos....pretty much the standard it seems! lol