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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Blogs and

Okay not got anything crafty for you today, had a lovely day in town with my fella shopping, have a few layouts on the go but nothing finished yet...you will have to wait until tomorrow.
Some of you may know that I moderate on a fab challenge forum, there are challenges going on all the time and once you register you can take part in whatever challenges you want...visit here
One of my very talented team challengers has posted a beautiful, thoughtful journal gift idea that you can view here

And here are 10 facts that you may not know about me...I am going to tag 3 people...who are hopefully going to tag 3 more people and so on...these tags have to start somewhere huh...got the idea from Facebook...which I am totally addicted to so if you are on there add me as your friend ;-)

This or That Tag

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla ice cream...Chocolate bar mmmm

Big Mac or Whopper: Big Mac, although they don`t seem so BIG anymore...more a medium Mac!!!

Coke or Pepsi : Neither YUK hate them both

Beer or Wine: Wine, preferably dry, white and chilled ;-)

Coffee or Tea: Coffee is part of my staple diet

Apple Juice or O.J.: OJ

Facebook or MySpace: Facebook

Summer or Winter: Summer

Windows or Mac: Windows

Cats or Dogs: Neither...they both poo in public

Okay I am tagging Lisa Kirsty and Anice

Have a good weekend everyone xxx

1 comment:

Anice said...

I have done as I am told and my tag has been completed and passed on!
Thanks for tagging me!!
Anice xx