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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Fathers Day and Male Birthdays...

So with it being OH`s Birthday on Saturday and Fathers day on Sunday I have a total of eight MALE cards to make! Had a lovely evening though making five of them...only three to go

Here is OH`s Birthday card from me...his nickname for me is Bones...something to do with having nice cheekbones so made a fun card for him...oooh did I mention that he is going to be 30...had to add that on...wait til Saturday, I bought all the 30 decorations I could get my hands on today ;-)

This is OH`s Birthday card from the children which also ties in nicely with one of the challenges over at Just Bex

This is My Dad`s Fathers day card

This is My Dad`s Fathers day card from the children

And finally this is OH`s FAthers day card from the children an idea I pinched from the faberoonie Jo Kills topper designs in Papercraft Inspirations that I thought was just fabulous...I am all crafted out now though...

Sorry for wonky scans I am tired ;-)

Just have FIL`s, eldest Sons Dad`s and a commissioned Fathers Day Card to go...wish me luck

Thanks for looking xxx


Kathy said...

qoq - fab cards Est. Especially love the gardening one, but they are all great

Nickynoo said...

Wow Est, you've been busy! Love the 'pop' idea. All fab cards xx