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Sunday, 6 February 2011

All You Need is Love....

With Valentines day almost upon us it seemed only appropriate to celebrate by taking part in a challenge set over at the Most Wanted Lifestyle magazine Blog

...The challenge, should I chose to accept it, which I did, was to create a Crafty Valentines Tutorial and I have chosen to construct a little "You make me Shine" gift card with tea light candles combined...The perfect addition to that romantic candlelit meal or relaxing bubble bath. An ideal gift all year round, changing the decoration and embellishments to suit the recipient or occasion, try it for a welcome to your new home gift and add some twine and keys for embellishments in place of the ribbon.

To make the gift card cut a piece of card (I used white) to measure 14 x 23cm and score and fold at 7 and 9.5cm along the long edge, this creates the gift card with a 2.5cm spine to accommodate your tea light candles.

Decorate this with patterned papers, I have inked around the edges of mine and stamped images, I have an Autumn Leaves set that contains the sentiment "you make me Shine" which I thought quite fitting for the candles.

Construct a simple box from co-ordinating card-stock, mine measured 13x16 cm and I scored and folded along the short edge at 2, 6, 8 and 12cm and then along the long edge at 2 and 14cm.

Cut along the scored lines to the folded line to create the top and bottom of your box, cutting an aperture in one of the long panels to insert an acetate window.

Assemble the box and insert your candles, and then stick this to the inside flap of your gift card.

Tie some ribbon into a bow around the length of your card to secure.

I hope all that makes sense and I would love to see what you come up with.

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