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Thursday, 1 April 2010

You Missed Me?

Wow I can`t believe I have gone so long without a blog post!!!

The last six weeks have been a complete and utter Rollercoaster ride...think the Big one at Blackpool on a much larger scale!!!

Won`t go into all the drama of each episode of the new soap opera "Estenders" but believe me if I had to screen write I would have enough material for several years worth of half hour episodes!!!

I am currently "on Holiday" I use the term loosely because I am exhausted...I can`t wait to get back to work for a rest, I had to do a girly shopping trip with Mia today, who turned 9 a couple of weeks ago, she had birthday money burning holes in every pocket she owns so we hit the hell factory...ooops I mean the Build a Bear...40 bloody quid for a dog...dressed in a pink hoody, Jeans and roller skates!!! Do you know how many items of clothing I could purchase in Primark for 40 quid!!!

So we welcome "Scruff" to our house...the only bonus I can think of is that we wont have to take this dog for walks...obviously because she has skates!!!

Mia and I have just about removed all the bloody fluff from out clothes too...who`s idea was it to wear black today!!!

Okay if you are out and about in Carlisle on Bank Holiday Monday come and say Hi to me at Houghton Hall Garden Centre where I shall be demonstrating the Slice, Cuttlebug and Cricut die cutting machines in the Craft Shop.

Happy Easter everyone

1 comment:

Joanne said...

Ah yes, Hell factory, that features high on Lottie's list of fav shops, last time it was £18 for a blossom bear, then a wheelchair at £18 and a medical bag at £8 too, daylight robbery!

Good to see you back blogging, I will be taking a trip down memory lane this weekend and visiting Brentford, my Grandad passed away last weekend, so am going visiting old haunts, will say hi to your old house, it was just round the corner from his house!