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Thursday, 29 April 2010

I can tell you are Impressed!!!

Well this can`t be bad can it, another blog post this week!!!

I have the afternoon off work, had a class this morning and have another tonight but a couple of hours off in between cant be bad huh?

Been meaning to blog a couple of layouts that I have recently completed and a couple of pieces of jewellery too...

Here are the layouts, which surprisingly for me are all 12x12, quite liking this size at the moment and makes a change from the 8x8 that I usually do:

A couple of Ella...

Lady....All of a sudden all grown up!!!

Teen...Not quite but practicing hard!!!

One of Ella and I...

Chill...All we could do during the big freeze!!!

And a couple of Mia from her birthday party...


Birthday Girl!

I have missed scrapbooking, not had one of those evenings for a long time where papers are hiding my scissors and I have various embellishments stuck to me...I do have a nice tidy desk now though as I spent the day on Tuesday "sorting" it out...I would post a picture but I have just finished scrapping the "Laugh" layout above and quite honestly its embarrassing!!!

Had a couple of jewellery commissions to do lately, including these...

How gorgeous are those beads?

And finally sourced some spacer tubes which didn`t cost the earth, aren`t they pretty.

Well I am off now for a cup a soup...hooked on them at the moment.

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