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Friday, 12 February 2010

Little Miss.....


Ella...All grown up, not my little miss anymore!!!

Hours and hours in front of the mirror experimenting with hairstyles...hair up, hair down, Jabbering away on the phone with her girlie Friends, Texting with her 3 gazillion free texts she seems to qualify for every month and generally getting taller by the day...love these quick cheeky pics I took of her this week...

This is a layout I finished earlier this week too, love this close up of Mia in her santa hat...

Been a busy and stressful week this week, but I have a completely free weekend...so far, and a couple of days off next week too...half term...got to love teaching!!!

So far this morning though I have redesigned and updated my business cards and they are on their way to me, checked and replied to my emails, requested some information from the Body Shop about becomming a Party Demonstrator, been to a couple of the parties and it looks like fun so maybe considering it, planned my new courses that start after half term, entered a free draw to win £500 in Primark vouchers, poked a couple of people on Facebook and had two cups of coffee...and its only 7am...So I am off back to bed for a weekend lie in!!!


hello gorgeous said...

free weekend...I'm exhausted already! Free weekend means doing NOTHING! You've already crammed in a morning's worth! ;o)

I love how they grow up SUDDENLY...one minute they are looking like they are just learning the ropes and then the next day they're like an 'ole pro! I have a 13 yr old boy who showers every day without fail (NOT heard of before now!), preens himself in the mirror, asks if he looks OK, smellies, etc, etc and this is all before going to bed! haha! only joking....it IS amazing tho' how "grown up" they are in a matter of months!

So, hope the rest of your weekend is as "free" as the first part! ;oO


hello gorgeous xxx

Anonymous said...

Missing your blogs Est..... Hope everything is alright with you and yours? HeyJude! xx