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Monday, 19 October 2009

Well, Ah'll go to t’foot of ahr stairs...

...Is apparently number five in the top ten Yorkshire sayings!!!

Well I have spent the whole weekend in Yorkshire and I spoke to many Yorkies (is that what they are called lol) and I didn`t hear that once...But would like to say that although not all of them drink Yorkshire tea lol they are a friendly and hospitable bunch...and I have decided even though I am a city girl at heart I love Yorkshire.

Had the most amazing weekend working for Kars demonstrating this...

For Samuel Taylor

Stayed for the whole weekend in a hotel, could get used to hotel living I think, no housework, no kids and and total and utter peace...honestly Skipton is so quiet...that quiet even when I was outside the hotel having a crafty smoke a little bunny hopped past me...stunned because we don`t have many rabbits in Warrington, well I presume we do in hutches but...well you get my point. Met lots of lovely people too, fellow demonstrators and hundreds of crafters and just had the loveliest time.

So that is the reason I have been such a terrible blogger recently...been busy making demonstration samples, have the next couple of weekends off from Demonstrating although my timetable looks pretty busy for the college.

So off now to plan some more classes and try and plough through the housework that built up whilst I was away...fairies missed me again!!!

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