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Friday, 30 October 2009

And again it`s Friday...

...And I can breathe a huge sigh of relief....Why...because I don`t have to set my alarm clock in the morning...simple things huh!!!

Half term...I am a teacher and usually have the week off...but worked straight through and have had something on every night this week, my poor muscles are screaming at me to take it easy and relax...hmmm chance would be a fine thing...it is Halloween weekend and the kids have me all booked up, already took the girlie's to a spooky party tonight where we all had to dress up so had to dash into town this morning before work to buy our costumes, had a great evening though and the great thing about children's parties is they finish early!!!

Ella decided she wanted to be a Skeleton this year and luckily Asda obliged with a bargain dress up outfit, that she wore tonight and will wear trick or treating tomorrow too...yep I get roped into doing that too!!!

And my little Mia, pretty little girlie girl wanted to be... a vampire...no pretty glittery make up god no look....

Took me almost an hour to make her look that scary...approximately the time I spend doing the opposite to myself in the morning!!!

I love Halloween though, I love dressing up and getting the kids dressed up too...Harry and Jack have both decided they are too old this year so grasping onto the last few years I have with my girlie's.

Took a gang of teenagers, aka the local youth club, to Spooky World last night too...Oh My God I have never ever been so scared in my entire life...there are three main attractions...the Haunted Hayride...not all that scary although did manage to sit on the side where everyone jumped on...werewolves, zombies, and chainsaw wielding psychos...and have bruises on my arm from the poor girl I was sat next to who gripped me so tight I think she cut off the circulation in my arm at one point!!!

Then we ventured to the Field of Screams...which I can only describe as a combination of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw and Jeepers Creepers all rolled into one...we were terrified...it is made up of a corn maze with pitch black huts along the way with "people" inside...managed to get chased by another chainsaw wielding psycho in the pitch black....and finally we queued for almost an hour to go into the Haunted House...not for the fainthearted or claustrophobic...pitch black again....people pretending to be dummies until the last minute and scaring the shite out of us....would I do it all again...Oh god yes definitely....loved the adrenaline...loved the thumping of my heart in my chest and loved screaming my lungs out!!!

I think a quiet weekend is on the cards...need to recharge those batteries..Oh and have a heap of lesson planning to do!!!

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