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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Birthday week....

...I am sorry for being such a bad blogger lately, can only blame my Birthday and not the fact that I have been up every night drinking and celebrating but I have had people round every night this week, not complaining though, it has been lovely to catch up with all my friends and family and I received some lovely cards and gifts too. Had a lovely Birthday on Monday, was off work in the morning so got a bit of a lie in and had time to open cards and presents, which mainly consisted of chocolates, alcohol, jewellery, perfume, vouchers and money...perfect!!!

Been off work today and managed to get the whole day to myself even though it is half term and I have a houseful of kids off school/college...thank god for grandparents...obviously had to hit Manchester, had a purseful of vouchers burning holes...After spending them all, and then some...I wandered, well I say wandered what I really mean is dodged pushchairs, kids running amok and teenagers screeching, around Primark. I picked up a few bits for myself then hit the queue for the tills... I think half of the Northwest was actually stood there in temperatures that probably broke every health and safety law in the book!!! Will have to return next week as I dumped my goods on the nearest shelf and escaped the mayhem back into the fresh air!!!

I am off to Spooky World tomorrow night with some friends for Halloween, thought it best to leave my kids at home though, not sure I can cope with the nightmares I am going to have over the next week or so let alone theirs!!! And have three Halloween parties to attend this weekend and not one outfit sorted...nothing like leaving it to the last minute!!!

Off now to decide...hmm shall I be a Devil, Dracula, Witch or a Ghost!!!!

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