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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Run Run as fast as you can....

...You can`t catch me I`m the Gingerbread Man...!!!

I didn`t even realise Gingerbread men could run...any that come into our house usually get their legs bitten off!!!

Mia did develop a bit of an aversion to eating them though a couple of years ago after she had watched Shrek...she thought it was cruel to eat them!!!

Luckily my little gingerbread man can niether run or get his legs bitten off as he is ready to hang on Mia`s little Pink Christmas tree that she has in her bedroom at Christmas!!!

Here he is in all his little festive glory ready to come to work with me tomorrow to be used as a sample of what we will be creating. I actually used the FaLaLa cartridge for the Slice machine to create the template for this proving just how versatile a die cutting machine can be!!!

Also doing "Thongs" tomorrow night lol, well teaching how to work with cord and thong anyway and also a little bit of macrame...just what you need at the end of the day a nice complicated knotting patern...muwahahahaha!!!

If you happened to walk into my studio at the moment you would swear I had been robbed, the only clue to suggest otherwise is that my Cricuts are still there....

Yep it still looks like that too and I have to tidy it before I go to bed because half of what I need for my lessons tomorrow is all over my desk and the floor...I even had the cheek to lecture the girls earlier about the state of their bedroom, which now looks like every fairy from fairyland went in and waved their magic wands....I am a terrible example but luckily the girls are in bed so havent actually seen my "creative disarray"

OOOOOH and look what I have got

No its not a sexy new purse, its my new tool kit.....

Picked it up today from The Bead Shop in Manchester....have seen it advertised in a couple of magazines and obviously I need a decent kit, the pliers in this are all box jointed and are fabulous to work with and they are pink!!!

Off to try and create at my desk...wish me luck, my mission should I chose to accept it and all that!!!

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