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Friday, 18 May 2007

W.H.Smiths Bargains and Crafty freebies for me!!!

Hi, I am officially a terrible blogger but have had a really busy week, Had the job interview for the light house project...got it!!!

Have also been trying to sort the house out...drawers, cupboards etc, we are hoping to move soon and I am trying to de-clutter as much as possible...not started on the craft stuff yet tho!!!

Went to my local W.H.Smiths on my lunch hour to pick up the new beading magazine and they had a huge sale on, they are relocating into the new shopping centre currently being built.

I got loads of stationary for when the kids go back to school and a new mouse too for £1. I do love a bargain!

Also had a MAMOTH sort out in my workshop at work yesterday and my boss sent me home with loads of freebies.

How cool is all this, will have to spend the weekend crafting now...tragic!!!

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